The Tourist Baby Travel Tips

Travel Tip:  Use hotel towels to keep your child comfortable when using a crib or pack-n-play provided by the facility.

Real Life Experience:  Traveling when our children were infants always took a little extra planning and preparation – especially for sleeping arrangements. I  found that hotel towels can work in a pinch when a narrow crib with metal bars was provided instead of a mesh-sided pack-n-play.  My kids would always toss and turn, banging their heads on the bars, which meant that they would wake up screaming. So I learned to weave some hotel towels between the bars to provide some extra padding. I also found that some hotels didn’t provide anything but a sheet for keeping them warm, so I used the towels as extra blankets if it was really cold.

If you plan to use hotel infant bedding, call before you go to get a description of the crib or pack-n-play so you can bring anything necessary to keep your child comfortable.  Also be sure you understand how the hotel charges for the use of these beds. Some facilities charge up to $10 a day for use of their cribs, making the $25 bag fee and extra luggage associated with bringing your own something to consider.

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