Going Green

Beautiful natural vistas like this one of Morro Rock, inspire us to adopt green habits.

Traveling around the globe gives us a view of the world and all its wonders that inspires us to protect and preserve nature as best we can.  So, in honor of Earth Day, The Tourist Baby is providing a list of things we can all do as part of our travels to preserve the very things we love about our vacation destinations.

Reducing the impacts our travels have on the environment starts before we ever leave the house.  Planning a vacation that minimizes flying and utilizes trains, public transportation, biking and walking can minimize carbon emissions. In addition, scouting the destination for green hotels and tour operators that protect the local environment are also good choices. Also take a moment to prepare the house for an extended vacancy by turning the water heater to “vacation” mode, unplugging computers and televisions, and stopping newspaper delivery to limit environmental impacts during a trip.

Our trip to Seattle and Vancouver included rides on the monorail, city busses, Amtrak trains, water taxis, water busses as well as a lot of walking!

During the trip, there are also a number of choices that can reduce pollution and preserve natural resources.  Carry a reusable flask or thermos for water and coffee and a reusable shopping bag. Reuse towels and ask hotel staff not to change sheets every day to conserve electricity and water.  Turn off lights, electronics and air conditioning when leaving the hotel for the day, and recycle as much as possible.

By taking a moment to make green travel choices, we can all protect the environment!  Happy Earth Day!

Safe travels everyone!



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