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International flights with an infant can be challenging enough, so be sure all of your documents are in order.

Travel Tip: When purchasing tickets for an international flight where your infant will be sitting on someone’s lap, ensure that you get details on whether or not the airline requires a paper ticket for the infant or if an electronic ticket is okay.

Real Life Experience: When we flew to England with our son, we purchased one ticket, received a companion flies free ticket and also had our son listed as an “infant in lap”.  Somehow, we missed the warning that he would require a paper ticket to board this flight.

When we tried to check in the morning of our flight, they couldn’t find his listing and he wasn’t included on our electronic tickets.  After about an hour of searching the system, the attendants told us the only way he could fly with us was to purchase a new ticket.  So we did, hoping that our credit card would reimburse us for the first one.

We never did find his paper tickets that were mailed to us, but luckily we were reimbursed for them.  None of the international flights we have taken since our trip to England have required paper tickets, but then again we haven’t flown with free companion tickets either!

Safe travels everyone!

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